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Over the Influence: The Power of Podcasting & It’s Vulnerable Charm with Angela Pugh

On July 11th's episode of The Podcast Revolution, Nate engages in a deeply insightful conversation with Angela Pugh, host of The Addiction Unlimited Podcast.

Through Angela's personal

journey of addiction and recovery, they explore the immense power of

podcasting as a medium to share stories, foster empathy, and inspire

hope. Discover how podcasting can become a transformative tool for

helping others on their path to healing and recovery.

Key Topics Covered:

● Angela's personal experience with addiction and her path to


● The inception of The Addiction Unlimited Podcast and its mission

● The significance of vulnerability in storytelling

● The transformative power of podcasting to reach a wider audience

● Angela's tips for aspiring podcasters and the importance of finding

your authentic voice

● Balancing personal boundaries with sharing personal stories

Episode Highlights:

● Angela opens up about her personal battle with addiction, sharing

the challenges she faced and the turning points that led her towards


● She describes how her own experiences became the driving force

behind her desire to help others who were still trapped in the cycle of


● Angela discusses how she recognized the potential of podcasting as

a powerful medium to create a safe space for vulnerable

conversations about addiction and recovery.

● She shares her inspiration for starting The Addiction Unlimited

Podcast and the impact it has had on her listeners.

● Angela emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in sharing stories

of addiction and recovery, highlighting the connection it creates with

listeners who are experiencing similar struggles.

● She explains how these authentic narratives break down barriers

and foster empathy and understanding.

● Angela delves into the unique qualities of podcasting that make it an

ideal platform for sharing stories of addiction and recovery.

● She discusses the sense of community that podcasting creates,

allowing individuals to find solace and support in knowing they are

not alone in their struggles.

● Angela offers valuable advice for aspiring podcasters, emphasizing

the importance of finding one's authentic voice and being genuine in

their storytelling.

● She shares practical tips for building an engaged audience and

fostering connections within the podcasting community.

● Boundaries and Self-Care in Podcasting

● Angela addresses the delicate balance between sharing personal

stories and maintaining healthy boundaries.

● She shares her strategies for self-care and emphasizes the

significance of taking care of oneself while supporting others

through vulnerable storytelling.


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