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Meet Nate

Meet Nate Kelly, the podcasting pro, published author, and captivating speaker, on a mission to empower people to reach their podcasting potential. Through mentorship, transformative courses, and his new book, "The Podcast Revolution," Nate guides individuals in crafting compelling podcasts. 

Beyond the microphone, Nate's story is one of resilience and personal growth. As a recovering alcoholic who faced a life-altering alcohol-related stroke at age 32, he now dedicates his platform to sharing the stories of others in recovery. His goal is to inspire and support those still struggling while helping them embrace their authentic selves. Through "The Sobriety Diaries" podcast, Nate shares powerful stories of recovery from a queer perspective, offering hope and encouragement to those seeking a path to healing and self-discovery.

Nate's Story

Nate Kelly Brand Photo

I always felt different. Different from my peers, different from my family, just different. It wasn’t until I was an adolescent and started maturing that I realized that difference was that I was gay. And being from a rural, small town in Ohio, it certainly wasn’t something I was going to share with anybody.


So, I started drinking alcoholically in high school to quiet these feelings. Quieting such a huge part of who I am was obviously not healthy, physically or mentally. This fueled my alcoholism and it continually progressed to the point that I had a stroke at the age of 32 as a direct result of my addiction. This is the point where a non-addict would probably never touch alcohol again, but I laid in that hospital bed for 6 weeks and thought about nothing but booze. After the stroke, my drinking became very isolated and miserable but I simply blamed it on depression [yes, liquid depression!]


Eventually, I became willing to throw my hands up and surrender. It was just a regular day with my sister when I looked in the mirror and was completely disgusted with what I saw. I walked out of the bathroom and said “let’s go” and we were in the car within thirty minutes heading to a treatment center. That was October 9, 2015 and by the grace of God and the work of a 12-Step Program, I haven’t had the desire to drink since.


Today, on The Sobriety Diaries we share powerful stories of recovery from a queer perspective, mine! We hope to help those who are still struggling and it is incredibly fulfilling and humbling to hear these individuals share their vulnerabilities and I couldn’t be prouder of the show. Recovery is possible, that I’m sure of!

Featured Media

Nate Kelly has been featured in major news articles and on digital stages around the USA and Canada. Check out some of his most recent interviews.


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