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Crafting Bestseller Success with Suzanne Tregenza Moore

In this episode, I sit down with Suzanne Tregenza Moore, a seasoned

author, podcast host, and marketing professional. Suzanne brings a wealth

of experience in launching successful book releases and shares invaluable

insights for podcasters and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the literary world.

Discover how to elevate your book releases through strategic podcasting

and effective marketing techniques. Suzanne's expertise offers a roadmap for achieving a successful book launch.

Episode Highlights:

Suzanne's journey from author to podcast host and marketing


● Strategies for crafting compelling book launches that resonate with

your target audience.

● Leveraging podcasting as a powerful tool to enhance book

marketing and engage readers.

● Tips for building a strong online presence and utilizing social media

to create buzz around book releases.

● The synergy between podcasting and book promotion – how they

complement each other.

● Actionable steps to integrate podcasting into your book marketing

strategy for maximum impact.


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