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Stuck on Ready with Bridget Hom

In this episode of "The Podcast Revolution," we dive into the dynamic

journey of transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship with

the insightful Bridget Hom. As an accomplished entrepreneurial and

business coach, Bridget brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the


We explore the mindset shifts, personal motivation, and strategies that

empower individuals to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Bridget's

expertise in leveraging podcasting as a powerful self-promotion tool adds

an extra layer of value to this conversation. Whether you're contemplating

your own transition or seeking to enhance your entrepreneurial game, this

episode offers a wealth of practical insights and inspiration.

*Connect with Bridget on the web at:

*Listen to our episode of The Sobriety Diaries at:

Episode Highlights:

-Bridget shares her personal journey of leaving the corporate grind behind

to pursue entrepreneurship.

-Insights into the challenges and fears associated with making this

significant transition.

-The mindset shift required to thrive as an entrepreneur.

-The power of personal motivation in the entrepreneurial journey.

-Bridget's strategies for discovering and nurturing your inner drive.

-The role of self-awareness in maintaining motivation and overcoming


-Bridget's perspective on how podcasting can elevate your personal brand

and ideas.

-Practical tips for entrepreneurs to utilize podcasting as a marketing tool.

-Success stories of individuals who've leveraged podcasts effectively.

-Navigating the challenges of managing a business while maintaining

work-life balance.

-Bridget's insights on setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care.

-Addressing the myth of "hustle culture" and its impact on entrepreneurs.

-Bridget shares invaluable advice for those considering the leap into


-Practical steps to plan and execute a successful transition.

-The significance of continuous learning and adaptability in the

ever-evolving business landscape.


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